International coalition commander reveal SDF lose in Raqqa and assure the support to Raqqa Civil Council

Funeral of 5 YPG fighters killed in Raqqa battle

The commander of Special Operations joint task force in international coalition against ISIS General James Garrad that “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” have lost arounf 434 fighters while 903 others injured since the beginning of Raqqa battles against ISIS in mid-2017.

Jarrad said during a press conference that the number of SDF casualties is more than 1200 KIA during the operation to capture Raqqa province around 434 KIA fighters in Raqqa city battles alone while the injuries in Raqqa province battles more than 2500 fighters around 903 fighters injured in Raqqa city battles but the General didn’t provide any information on ISIS casualties or fighters who surrounded in Raqqa.

When he was asked about the number of US soldiers in Syria Jarrad answered that the number is about 4000 soldiers then he said he misspoke and the number is about 503 soldiers.

Jarrad added that USA didn’t see any evidence on commandership or ideological connection between SDF-led “People’s Protection Units YPG” and Kurdistan Workers Party PKK” which is listed as terror organization in USA and EU, Jarrad said that PKK leader Ocalan’s photos in Raqqa affect the coexistence between Arab and Kurds but it was a sole act and will be investigated by SDF commandership.

In other connection when Jarrad was asked about YPG in Manbij in contradiction to the deal with Turkey he answered that USA work always with Turkey transparently about our operation in Syria and they understand the truth after they heard our answers.

On the period it will take to demining in Raqqa city Jarrad said “ISIS left many ammunitions and mines in Raqqa before withdrew and now the teams are cleaning the streets and demining the city, we succeeded in demining some areas around Raqqa and allowed civilians to come back but the process in Raqqa center where the military operation took a long time won’t end soon.

General Jarrrad assured that the international coalition will continue supporting Raqqa through its support to “Raqqa Civil Council” formed by SDF which contain all ethnics from Raqqa residents according to him.

He added that the Council started working with local tribal figures to rule the city and will work to provide basic needs for the residents by working with aid agencies in providing residents and displaced with food, water and shelter in the city and the camps, and Raqqa internal security force is a partner consist of local residents of Raqqa to secure Raqqa and stop ISIS from reemerge and led by Raqqa Civil Council.

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Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.