Family of Turkish YPG fighters enter Syria to participate in their daughter’s funeral

The family of YPG fighter Aysha Deniz

On Tuesday, Turkish family enter Syrian territories to participate in their daughter’s funeral who was killed in clashes with ISIS in Raqqa countryside on 28 May.

Pro-PKK media sources said the family of “Aysha Deniz” came from Antalya in south west Turkey and entered Syrian territories from Murset Pinar border crossing between the Turkish city Suruc and Ayn al-Arab”Kobane” in Aleppo countryside where the funeral will be held.

Sources said the family were harassed by Turkish border guards before being allowed to enter Syria toward Kobane under PKK-related YPG control and the funeral will be held tomorrow after the family arrival.

Worth to mention PKK supply its Syrian wing YPG with fighters and military commandership and considered the only commandership of the YPG and its military plans.

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Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.