PYD militias arrest civilians in Manbij during a strike against forced conscription

Protest in Jarablus in Aleppo eastern countryside in solidarity with Manbij strike

PYD-affiliated Manbij Military Council forced shops owners in Manbij city in Aleppo eastern countryside to open their shops and end the strike announced by city's residents against forced conscription imposed by PYD. 

NSO reporter in Manbij said Manbij Military Council spread it's fighters across Manbij streets and main crossings during a strike around 80% of shops and business participated in against forced conscription PYD trying to impose on young men between 18-30 years old in the city and its countryside. 

The reporter added that Council's fighters broke locks on shops and shot at the air in Jarablus Street while civilians protested in the northern side of the city and called for toppling Manbij Legal Council and the military council affiliated with PYD.

On Sunday morning PYD authorities released Abdulbasit Rajab al-Khalaf the local tribal figure from al-Bosultan clan who was arrested last Wednesday after he denounced forced conscription in Manbij. 

In the same context civilians in Jarablus city in Aleppo eastern countryside protested against PYD in solidarity with Manbij residents.

NSO reporter in Jarablus said FSA groups cut Manbij-Jarablus road and stopped passing through Aoun al-Dadat and Hemiran crossing during protest in Jarablus. 

Worth to mention that PYD authorities trying to impose forced conscription in Manbij like other areas under its control but this is widely denied by locals. 

سوريا حلب جرابلس منبج قسد الاسد روجآفا إضراب تجنيد قسري داعش Syria pyd pkk YPG sdf aleppo

Nezar Hmaidy

A graduate of law from Aleppo University. NSO reporter in east Aleppo countryside.