How did Yasser al-Dahle posed SDF and broke its redlines before he was arrested

Yasser al-Dahle the commander of SDF-affiliated al-Bakara battalions

On Monday “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” released the commander of al-Bakara battalions “Yasser al-Dahle” and 4 of his assistants after negotiations between YPG-led SDF and commandership of al-Bakara Battalions.

YPG military intelligence arrested on Thursday the chief commander of al-Bakara battalions and 4 of his assistants and they are: Abu Abdulrahman al-Bajari, Khalil al-Bajari, Abu Saleh al-Dahle and Abu Ammar in al-Shadaddi city in east Syria after they were invited to a meeting to evaluate the battle on the northern western front of Deir Ezzor countryside known as “al-Kasra axis”.

Al-Dahle breaks red lines 

NSO reporter said SDF military intelligence accepted negotiations with al-Bakara battalions commandership to release their leader Yasser al-Dahle and 4 other commanders after at least 70 fighters of al-Bakara battalions left their positions on frontlines with ISIS in Deir Ezzor.

Reporter added that al-Dahle was accused of disobeying military orders and acting as independent leader by reforming his battalions and managing areas his forces took from ISIS in addition to charges which weren’t announced such as setting up checkpoints allowing civilians to come back to their villages after securing it which what SDF don’t allow and keep civilians in camps away from their areas.

How al-Bakara battalions got famous?

Al-Bakara Battalions captured al-Hajif strategic hill, Brigade 113, factories roundabout (al-Ma’amel) and industrial zone in addition to fire control al-Saluyie village and cut al-Kharafi highway which is ISIS supply route toward Markade city in Hasakah countryside.

SDF gave the commandership to capture Deir Ezzor western countryside (al-Kasra axis) to al-Bakara battatlions under Yaser al-Dahle commandership, majority of this area are from al-Bakara tribe which is why SDF was cautious to give leadership to locals of the area.

Al-Dahle made Abu Fas villages his command base and after the advance his forces did his influence started to grow as many of his tribal joined the battalions with the tribe’s name until it reached 600 fighters with more fighters to join with every advance the battalions do, which raised fear among YPG commanders who were keen to expand complete ruling over groups under SDF who allow any Arab force to join it by forming a queue of 60 fighters only but the commandership is for a Kurdish fighters who most of the time is non-Syrian from Qandil fighters who came to fight in YPG ranks.

An attempt to create tension between Arab tribes

After the situation erupted following al-Dahle detention YPG commanders said he is at SDF-affiliated Deir Ezzor military council prions led by Abu Khawla who is from al-Akiedat tribe.

This announcement provoked the tribal figures of both al-Bakara and al-Akiedat tribes who considered it as an attempt to stir tension between both tribes and warned to fall in this trap which will complicate the military situation in Deir Ezzor and allow Assad regime who set up bridges to cross Euphrates to the western countryside, the tribal tension was contained which pushed YPG commanders to negotiate with al-Bakara commanders but no leaks on the negotiations yet.

Al-Bakara Battalions was formed after Yasser al-Dahle and his fighters left al-Nukhba forces led by Ahmad al-Jarba ib 15 August 2017 then joined Deir Ezzor Military Council under Abu Khawla commandership.

Farouq Hamze

NSO reporter in Hasakah