SDF launch new forced recruitment campaign to enlist 1200 young man from Manbij and Tal Abyad in frontlines

Forced recruits in one of “civil defense duty” training

Self-Autonomous Military Police in Tal Abyad north Raqqa and Manbij in east Aleppo launched arrest campaign targeted dozens of young men for forced recruitment in YPG-dominated SDF ranks.

NSO reporter in Tal Abyad quoted “Abu Moussa” a military police member who said: Military police received orders from YPG self-autonomous to enlist 500 young man to training camps and frontlines with SDF.

Abu Moussa said police arrested more than 150 young man from Tal Abyad and its countryside during the last month saying the campaign will continue until it reached the number.

Abu Moussa continued: this campaign happened due to SDF urgent need to for more fighters after its held area stretched and numbers of fronts where it fight ISIS and armed opposition increased.

Abu Mossua ended saying the recruitment law came without age requirement like before were men between 18-45 years old were enlisted without consideration of their health or social statue.

In Manbij, NSO reporter said YPG Military police arrested 25 young men and detained them at Manbij Hotel prison before moving them to training camps then frontlines with SDF.

According to a source in YPG-affiliated Manbij Military Council to NSO reporter the campaign aim is to enlist 800 young man from Manbij and its countryside to train them in training camps for a month and then send them to frontlines.

Reporter added the arrest campaign targeted young men from armed opposition-held areas Jarablus and Idlib although they are displaced residents and have sponsorships imposed by YPG on displaced civilians want to live in its held areas.

Among detained young men “Mohamad al-Ahmad” the only child of his mother who live with her in al-Sareb neighborhood and married for less than a week, he’s from Jarablus but live in Manbij and Manbij Military Council forced him to choose his work place or resident in Jarablus he had to move to Manbij where he was arrested after a while for forced recruitment.

In the past weeks, 3 young men were killed and others injured in SDF-military police raids after residents refused their sons to be enlisted with SDF and sent to frontlines.

Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.