Ex-British fighter with YPG left his country in fear of being arrested for his activity in Syria

Ex-YPG fighter Aiden Aslin

Ex-British fighter in “People’s Protection Units YPG” said he can never go back to his country in fear of being arrested as soon as he enter United Kingdom for interrogation on the time he spent in Syria and Iraq.

Aiden Aslin 23 years old told Newark Advertiser he left UK in January 2017 to join the fight to capture Raqqa city.

According to Daily Mail the British authorities arrested Aslin in February 2016 as soon as he came back to UK after he spent 10 months between Syria and Iraq fighting alongside with “Kurdish forces” against ISIS, he was questioned for what he was doing in Syria and Iraq and that was the first time he was fighting with “Kurdish Forces”.

As soon as he got his passport again from local police, Aslin left UK to Syria again and participated with Tabqa battle with YPG which was the last military activity before he came back to Europe.

Aslin now live in Greece and work as a volunteer and say he doesn’t think he will go back to UK in fear of being arrested and questioned on the time he spent in Syria and Iraq.

Aslin mentioned that Britain’s way of dealing with him in his country is different from what it was in Syria where he was fighting alongside British Special Forces, saying there he was UK ally but here he is treated as an enemy.

Aslin mother visited him in Greece last month, upon her returns the police boarded the airplane when it landed UK thinking he came back with his mother to arrest him again but Aiden said he will probably live in Greece.

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Dirar Khattab

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