Displaced Raqqa residents refuse SDF-appointed city council while there is an elected council

Civilian activists,fourms and revolutionary movements of Raqqa issued a statement refuse the “Civil Council” set up by “Syrian Democratic Forces” and YPG on Wednesday.

Forums’ statement said they refuse completely the “civil council”made up by SDF, considering the force who came up with and appointed its members is a force carrying forced displacement against people of Raqqa.

Statement said “SDF” using the support of International Coalition and the civilians need to get rid of ISIS and the void due to ISIS and regime displacing residents to do whatever they (SDF) want.

Statement issued by:Raqqa sons Union,Raqqa teachers syndicate,Raqqa directorate,Harmal magazine,Turkmen Association,Civil Meeting,Jothour(Roots)organization,Civil Forum of Raqqa,Raqqa post website and independent human rights activists, politicians and civilians.

The head of the law office of the ex-Raqqa Council Lawyer Osaid al-Mousa told NSO the SDF-affiliated “Civil Council” is illegal, said “Syrian Democratic Council” tried to legitimize the Council by meeting Raqqa tribes leaders who were brought to the meeting by force after taking their cities and villages in Raqqa countryside.

Al-Mousa continued the elected Raqqa Governorate still exist under its chairman Lawyer Saad al-Shawish and its headquarter now is in Sanliurfa and still manage residents issues displaced by ISIS and SDF.

Worth to mention the chairman of the ex-raqqa governorate Laywer Abdullah al-Khalil was kidnapped by ISIS in July 2013 and his fate still unknown,while ISIS pursue the rest of the members and closed it with the city Local Council in 2014 before the rest of the members fled to Turkey.

“Syrian Democratic Forces” and its political representative “Syrian Democratic Council” announced on Tuesday the formation of “Raqqa Civilian Council” headed by Laila Mostafa from PYD and Mahmoud Barsan in a conference in Ain Eissa town north al-Raqqa, under the motto of “Peoples’ brotherhood and coexist are the guarantee of the democratic nation” after 6 months of preparation by an establishing committee made by 9 members.

This formation of the Council comes while the residents-elected Raqqa governorate council exist and the Syrian Interim Government, Councils Union and Syrian Coalition and was credenced on February 2016 when the old Council term was over following leaving Raqqa city after ISIS took it.

Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.