Olive Branch Capture Sharran Area and SDF Move Hundreds of Fighters from East Euphrates to Efrin

Olive Branch fighters in Sharran in Efrin countryside

On Tuesday, Olive Branch FSA groups backed by Turkish army captured Sharran district center east Efrin city in addition to other villages after clashes with PYD militias.

FSA groups announced it captured the fourth major district center in Efrin by capturing Sharran after it captured Bulbul, Rajo and Sheikh Hadid areas.

Olive Branch groups also announced today it captured Qatme village and nearby YPG base in addition to Matli, Kherbet Sharran, and al-Sankari villages.

In Jenderis, FSA groups captured Tal Hamo village and captured 1 YPG fighters after clashes with YPG caused the injury of 10 FSA fighters.

Meanwhile, FSA Northern Brigade announced it finished de-mining mines in Rajo after YPG withdrew 2 days ago.

Following today’s advance, FSA group are on the outskirts of Kaferjanne village which had Russian base before the operation started while the groups also besieging Jenderis from 3 sides and close to cut Jenderis-Efrin road.

People’s Protection Units YPG announced today the death of a foreign fighter called Haukur Hilmarson who came from Iceland in July 2017 and was killed on 24 February in Efrin countryside.

Meanwhile, NSO reporter in Manbij city said more than 100 SDF vehicles crossed Manbij city coming from Ayn al-Arab\Kobane and carrying fighters from the east Euphrates, Ayn al-Arab, and Manbij and headed to Efrin area.

Sources told NSO that in the past 2 days SDF transferred hundreds of fighters from eastern areas in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa to Efrin in coordination with Assad regime, the forces came from Raqqa city to al-Tabqa then Assad regime-held Maskane in Aleppo eastern southern countryside then to Efrin.

Turkish Government announced yesterday it now control half of the targeted area of Olive Branch in Efrin by controlling more than 140 points including 4 major districts, 115 villages and a military base.

سوريا حلب تركيا عفرين غصن الزيتون قسد شران الجيش الحر كوباني pyd YPG