HTS advance in Aleppo and Idlib countryside and release ISIS captured fighters to fight against “Jabhet Tahrir Syria”

ISIS fighters after Jaysh al0Izza captured them

On Thursday, Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham HTS captured several towns and villages in Idlib and Aleppo countrysides after clashes with Jabhet Tahrir Syria JTS while NSO obtained information that HTS released ISIS captured fighters to fight with it in addition to Uzbek and Turkistan fighters.

HTS announced it captured al-Tawame, Kafer Halab, Miznaz, al-Qanater checkpoint, Reif al-Mouhandeen suburb near Kaferjon village, Telaad and Termanin villages in addition to capturing Maaret Masrin, Zaradna, Termanin, Hazre, Deir Hasan and Kafer Yahmoul villages and towns in Idlib countryside.

Amid fierce clashes between HTS and JTS in Aleppo and Idlib countryside, NSO reporter in Aleppo western countryside obtained information that HTS released 180 ISIS fighters were captured last month and they joined its ranks in the fighting in Aleppo western countryside.

Last month, FSA Jaysh al-Izza and Jaysh al-Naser captured around 180 ISIS fighters and sent them on 14 February to Aqrabat prison in Idlib northern countryside to face a Shari military court.

On Wednesday, HTS launched an arrest campaign targeted opponents and captured Qah, Salwa, and Atme villages before capturing Aqrabat village.

Local activists and eyewitnesses told NSO that HTS released captured ISIS fighters from Aqrabat prison by orders from Aleppo sector leader Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi.

According to information obtained by NSO, the number of released fighters is 150 and they were given machine guns and sent to clashes with Jabhet Tahrir Syria JTS.

HTS said yesterday in a statement that a JTS group were captured in Aqrabat village north Idlib and it killed Soqur al-Sham military commander with other fighters while capturing al-Bara village in Idlib southern countryside adding that it shot down 2 JTS drones over Kaferbani and Kafrlosin villages.

HTS send troops to attack the al-Tawame town in west Aleppo amid fierce clashes between both sides in Talade village and sent other troops to Batbo village near Maaret Masrin town after JTS captured it while locals protested against HTS.

According to information obtained by NSO, Uzbek and Turkistan fighters are participating in the fight with HTS in the area in addition to al-Seitat tribe fighters who joined HTS before and help HTS to capture Hazano town after attacking it from 3 sides in addition to capturing Ram Hamdan, Tal Sandal, Maaret al-Nasan and Kenyan villages.

HTS also attacked Deir Hasan town while shelling it with mortar and tanks shells which caused injuries among civilians before HTS captured the town and took down revolution flag from the town’s square in addition to capturing 5 JTS fighters and executing them according to a fatwa released by HTS Shari Abu Yaqthan al-Masri.

Meanwhile, Kafranbel Hospital management said around 20 masked men attacked the hospital and kidnapped a patient from the CEU then the local council and town’s figures decided to charge Idlib free Army to protect the city and announced it neutral from the infighting.

Tahrir al-Sham advanced yesterday in villages and towns in Idlib countryside after it withdrew in the past days from all Aleppo western countryside and large parts of Idlib countryside amid JYS capturing the areas while other areas announced neutrality from the infighting.

Joud Alshmale

Editor and reporter