Manbij is on strike amid pro-PYD rallies and clans demanding bigger role for the “Arab element”

Pro-PYD in a rally against protests the city witnessed lately

On Sunday, residents of Manbij city in east Aleppo held a strike in majority of the city’s neighbourhoods following calls by the city’s activists and residents against “Democratic Union Party PYD” authorities to protest the death of 2 young men who were detained by PYD.

The strike is called “Dignity Strike” after a meeting between Manbij city clans’ figures in al-Kersan village north the city on Saturday following the security tension the city witnessed on Friday after locals found the bodies of 2 young men who were detained by PYD and they called for justice and dismantling the Party’s authorities.

According to NSO reporter the meeting contained representatives of all Manbij city clans in al-Kersan village and at the end they announced via a video was posted on the official page of “al-Boubna” clan on Facebook, they demanded PYD to deliver the perpetrators of this crime to justice, dismantling PYD intelligence because it is responsible for all assassinations and detention in the city and restructuring the Party’s authorities.

Among clans’ figures who spoke at the meeting Sheikh Bakrouri from al-Bousultan clan, Mohamad Kheir al-Mashi from al-Boubna clan, Mr.Hammada from Bani Saied clan, Maher al-Jisi from al-Jis clan and Mohamad Hanaydhal from al-Ghalaz clan and they all demanded that these demands will be met within 3 days.

Reporter added that the meeting was attended by prominent local pro-Assad regime figures such as members of Assad regime Parliament Ismail Rabi’a and Mohamad Kheir al-Mashi in addition to other figures such as Hasson al-Dandan and Majed al-Dandan and they are figures from al-Boubna clan in al-Kersan village and Mohamad Nour and Mujib al-Dandan who are responsible for “reconciliations” carried out by regime in the area.

*pro-PYD rallies accompanied by militias
on the contrary of the protests in the past few days against PYD authorities in the city of Manbij and the strike today, PYD held rallies of hundreds of its supporters accompanied by its militias, they held banners against Turkey and accused PYD opponents of “executing Turkish agendas".

PYD-led Manbij “Self-Autonomous” authority issued a statement saying that all the residents of Manbij held the strike against “actions of Turkish and Syrian regime aim to spread chaos”.

On the other side websites and social media news pages close to PYD denied that Manbij city witnessed any strike today and claimed the markets and movement in the city is normal and the city didn’t witness any protests today.

*Manbij clans demanding PYD to hand over the city
The statements issued after the meeting yesterday between Manbij city clans demanded the restructuring of the Legislative Council because it doesn’t represent the people of Manbij, to restructure the Executive Council completely, the restructure of the Court which is built on corruption according to the statement and to ban transferring any local prisoner from Manbij to any other area.

The clans added to its final statement the importance of activating the “Arab element” rule on all security bodies such as PYD-led “internal security and intelligence bodies” and announced the formation of a commission of local figures to expose the fate of Manbij city locals who are detained in PYD prisons and to allow visits.

NSO reporter said after the meeting of Manbij clans figures a convoy of PYD-military wing ‘People’s Protection Units YPG” passed by and roamed the city of Manbij which what the locals considered it a “provocative and unacceptable action” and it could warn of close clashes between both sides if the tension continues but PYD authorities refused what the clans’ statement demanded.

On Wednesday, Manbij city locals found the bodies of Abdulhannan Mohamad Omar al-Jari (25 years old) and Aboud Mohsen al-Mehnan (23 years old) between Kherfan and Qaber Aimo villages near Qara Quzaq Bridge with torture marks on the bodies after they were arrested by PYD patrol 15 days ago.

Following this incident Mnbij city witnessed protests roamed the city’s streets participated in it local prominent figures some are members of groups affiliated to “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” and some are pro-regime supporters amid calls for strikes in Mnabij city which witnessed several strikes against defacto authorities of Assad regime, ISIS and now PYD authorities.

سوريا حلب منبج إضراب الأسد روجآفا قسد مجلس منبج العسكري التحالف روسيا تركيا

Nezar Hmaidy

A graduate of law from Aleppo University. NSO reporter in east Aleppo countryside.