YPG launch new recruiting campaign include residents of Raqqa for the first time

Military parade of forced recruited fighters in Ayn al-Arab ”Kobane in Aleppo countryside.

On Tuesday, YPG military police launched search and arrest campaign to enlist young men in forced conscription in Raqqa countryside.

NSO reporter in Raqqa said military police launched arrest campaign in Raqqa countryside of men between 18-35 years old including residents of Raqqa city to enlist them among “People’s Protection Units YPG” ranks.

Reporter added that police launched raids in al-Hazime, al-Mansoura and Ayn Eissa camps in Raqqa countryside and arrested 23 young men while it raided several villages and arrested dozens of men without specific numbers of detainees.

Reporter said the campaign targeted also residents of Raqqa city for the first time unlike the previous campaigns when it excluded the residents of areas not held by YPG.

The campaign was supposed to start at the beginning of September but it started on Tuesday for unknown reasons while dozens of young men fled SDF-held areas to FSA-held areas in Aleppo eastern countryside.

YPG-led “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” suffer from shortage of men due to the expanding of its held areas and death of hundreds of fighters in clashes with ISIS in the past months.

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Dirar Khattab

The Chief Editor, A Syrian journalist who worked as an editor of electronic press since 2009, and a Co-Producer of several documentaries since 2014. A banking and finance faculty from Aleppo University.