SDF arrest 79 Assad regime fighters and try to convince them to join its ranks

YPG-dominated SDF fighters

YPG Asayish source told NSO that “People’s Protection Units YPG” arrested 79 Assad forces-affiliated Jaysh al-Asha’er fighter after they fled ISIS attack inRaqqa eastern countryside.

Source who prefer to stay anonymous said Jaysh al-Asha’erfighters fled through Euphrates River following ISIS attack on al-Khmesyie, al-Jabli and Zour Shmmar few days ago.

Source continued that international coalition warplanes first targeted Euphrates southern bank before Assad forces soldiers raised white flags and call YPG for help before they were able to move to their areas.

Source added that all fighters belong to Assad regime-affiliated Jaysh al-Asha’er and are held in a prison in Ayn al-Arab “Kobane” city in Aleppo eastern countryside where negotiations ongoing between SDF and Jaysh al-Asha’er.

Source said PYD is trying to convince the captured POWs to join YPG-dominated “Syrian Democratic Forces SDF” or they will be held until further notice.

Few days ago ISIS launched huge attack on Raqqa eastern countryside caused the death of dozens of Jaysh al-Asha’er fighters followed by ISIS capturing many villages in Raqqa eastern countryside where Jaysh al-Asha’er backed by Assad forces captured lately.

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Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.