Families of “Austria refugees truck” victims organize sit-in in Qamishli

Civilians sit-in calling for trials of suspects of killing “Austria refugees truck” in 2015 in Qamishli

On Sunday, families of “Austria refugees Truck” victims organized sit-in in Qamishli city demanding trial for suspects behind the death of their relatives 2 years ago.

NSO reporter in Qamishli quoted victims’ families saying their relatives didn’t die suffocating but were killed to steal their organs by organized mafia, protesters held banners condemning European countries inaction for fair trial, one of the victim’s father said they contacted UN to do fair trial but their request wasn’t answered.

Another victim’s father said the court is a play and illegal because it didn’t call the families as personal prosecutors of the victims.

2 years ago Austrian police discovered near borders with Hungary a truck with 66 bodies inside it trying to cross borders illegally and among the victims there were 8 women and an infant in addition to 3 children between 8-10 years old.

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Nowruz Agha