Kurdish opponents protested against PYD in Qamishli while its supporters march to support it

Anti-PYD protesters against PYD violations and behind them “The Revolutionary Youth” who tried to attack them.

On Wednesday, dozens of Kurdish political opponents and civil activists protested against PYD violations in its held areas in north Syria.

NSO reporter in Qamishli said the protest was held in front of UN building in the city following a call from Kurdish National Council KNC demanded the “Democratic Union Party PYD” to stop kidnapping and arbitrary arrest against political activists, protest witnessed heavy presence of PYD Asayish in the street leading to the protest.

Kurdish National Council chairman’s deputy Mahmoud Malla denounced in a speech PYD violations ans demanded the release of all detains including journalist Alan Salim Ahmad who completed his time at prison but still detained, he also regretted the Kurdish division while the Kurds should be in hands during the international meetings to show their issue according to him.

Reporter also added the PKK-affiliated “The Revolutionary Youth” held a supporting march in the same place and held banners against Kurdistan Iraq leader Massoud Barzani accusing him of treason and accused KNC of working for Turkish president Erdogan and tried to attack the protesters but Asayish forces prevented it.

PYD Asayish arrested Yekiti Media journalist Alan Salim Ahmad more than year ago and sent him to Alaya prison for participating in the funeral of Peshmerga fighter “Habib Qadri” on 15 August 2016.

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Nowruz Agha