Self-autonomous intend to issue new civil statue law in al-Jazire exclude Arab al-Ghomer

The cover of the civil statue law for al-Jazire canton ruled by PYD and its allies

“Democratic Union Party PYD” intend to issue new civil statue law for al-Jazire area which it called “al-Jazire Canton”

NSO reporter in Hasakah quoted high-rank source in “self-autonomous” saying the law was discussed and approved by the “legislative council” of al-Jazire Canton on 22 July and awaiting to be approved by the both chairmen of al-Jazire canton “Hemidi Deham al-Jarba and Hayfa Abdulelah Arabo.

The law contain 78 articles in 11 chapters and was made by self-autonomous “internal committee” to organize the work of the general directorate of civil statue which will follow the internal committee according to the new law.

The law define the citizen as anyone with Syrian citizenship who is living in al-Jazire canton and the similar civilians who has no civil registry or were stripped of their Syrian citizenship according to 1962 counting who stripped 300k Syrian Kurds of their Syrian citizenship and who have been living in the canton for more than 10 years before the law was issued.

The law determinate the tasks of the civil archive to register the citizens’ info and changes of civil statue inside the canton or outside and issue legit copies for it, in addition to issuing IDs and family cards and registering civil statue of non-Syrians who live in al-Jazire canton and issue copies besides doing statistical tables and data.

The law clearly exclude Arab al-Ghomer from its citizenship definition where it say in its first article to strip those who lived in the canton according to special decrees from being citizens so all people of this category are stripped from rights and duties of the citizen.

Arab al-Ghomer are Syrian Arab citizens flooded their areas by Euphrates river during the building of Euphrates Dam in Raqqa province in 70s, the Syrian authority moved them to area in al-Hasakah province and gave them farms were for Arab, Assyrian and Kurdish citizens which angered Kurds in the area and considered it a demographic change.

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Nimr al-Shemari

 from al-Qamishli graduated from Damascus University faculty of journalism