Deal between Nubul and Zahraa militias and PYD to reopen Efrin-Aleppo road

Efrin city entrance on Aleppo-Efrin road near Kawa roundabout

Assad regime backed- Shia militias of Nubul and Zahraa towns reopen road between Efrin and Aleppo which was closed 6 days ago in Aleppo northern countryside after a deal reached between militias and PYD gunmen which control Efrin city.

High-rank source told NSO reporter in Efrin the deal ban cars without registration plates from Assad regime or “Self-Autonomous” to enter Efrin city until the owners have registration papers from Assad regime in Aleppo province or any other Syrian province or registering cars at PYD authorities.

The deal allow cars owned by Nubul and Zahraa residents which have Assad regime transportation papers from Aleppo or another Syrian province to enter Efrin city after having registration card of the driver and the car from PYD checkpoint “al-Zeyiara”

Closing the road between Efrin and Aleppo for 6 days affected civilians where hundreds of employees and university students from Efrin stayed in Aleppo city after being banned from going back to their city and students in Efrin couldn’t go to Aleppo to do their university exams.

Al-Zeyiara checkpoint considered the main route of Efrin residents toward Aleppo city and other Syrian areas controlled by Assad regime.

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Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.