PYD gunmen arrest elderlies and threatens to arrest girls of a village where young men fled forcible recruitment in Aleppo countryside

PYD gunmen have been arresting several elderlies in Efrin countryside because their sons fled forcible recruitment imposed by PYD internal defense.

NSO reporter in Efrin said PYD gunmen arrested several elderlies from al-Haydaryie(Altanya) village in Rajo district in Efrin countryside known from them: Basheer Mourad Saleh 75 yeares old, Hamid Mourad Saleh 65 years old, Kamal Jaafer 50 years old, Hussain Haji 60 years old and Idris Aref 40 years old because their sons fled forcible recruitment imposed by PYD.

Reporter added PYD gunmen raided the village several times in the past week to enlist the young men for forcible recruitment after calling for them several times and dodging joining camps, but they didn’t find young men in the village of 1000 residents, they all fled the village in fear of forcible recruitment campaigns so gunmen arrested who were at the village while dozens of fathers fled with their sons on fear of being arrested like hostages like what happened with the others who stayed.

One of the young men who fled the village (prefer to stay anonymous) in fear of his family who still in the village told NSO: PYD gunmen arrested who stayed at the village of elderlies and put them in a building called “Shinkal” on the road between Rajo and Efrin near Mabatly village.

Young man added: the party sent us messages saying they won’t release the fathers until the sons turn their selves in and above that they threatened to arrest women of the village empty from men.

PYD impose forcible recruitment on young men from 18-30 years and live in YPG-held areas though cases of recruiting underage fighters keep observed among party ranks.

Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.