PYD authority allow to open Internet café in al-Shadadi in Hasakah countryside

Civilians gathering in front of internet cards center in al-Shadadi city in south Hasakah

“Democratic Union Party PYD” authority allowed the opening of a center to broadcast internet in al-Shadadi in Hasakah southern countryside under PYD eyes.

NSO reporter in al-Shadadi said a person closed to PYD intelligence called Hussain Shihab opened a center for internet in al-Shadadi after more than a year and 3 months when YPG banned opening internet cafes in the city and cut cellphones coverage and stopped all cellphones antenna although it is functional and able to work.

3 months ago YPG allowed to resume cellphone coverage in al-Shadadi but YPG intelligence closed it after a week under the pretext of it covered ISIS held areas.

NSO reporter in al-Shadadi said although the service is bad and internet in the center is slow but it witness a big crowding from al-Shadadi and nearby villages to by prepaid cards for 50 MB for 100SYP which is 0.20$ and it works for 1 day, but it is considered expensive compared to al-Hasakah which is half the price, and the customer can use the internet from his phone or laptop inside the center on near it but it wasn’t allowed to set up antennas to cover the city unlike other YPG-held areas like Hasakah and Qamishli.

The center require all customers to show their IDs so the manager register it and give details to PYD intelligence member who is always there.

Worth to mention “People’s Protection Units YPG” captured al-Shadadi city south Hasakah in February 2016 after battles with ISIS.

Khedher al-Abdullah

 south Hasakah reporter