Efrin residents are scared while others demanding foreigners to leave their city, NSO observe echoes of possible Turkish military operation in Efrin

March in Efrin condemning the Turkish shelling on villages and refuse any military operation in the city

“Euphrates Sword” an expected military operation by Turkish army and Free Syrian Army in Aleppo northern countryside c

Include Tal Rifaat, Manegh and Deir Jamal area and possibly include Efrin city which is the only route between Turkish-backed held areas in Aleppo northern countryside and their areas in Aleppo western countryside, according to Turkish newspaper “Milliyet” the Turkish army finished preparing to this operation without announcing when it will begin, this news while Turkish reinforcement reached Azaz countryside areas north Aleppo stationed at Jibrin, Marea and Scientific Research area near Yahmoul village.

Though the ill-information which Efrin being included in the expected “Euphrates Sword” operation, like the news claiming Russian forces withdrew from KaferJanne camp in Efrin countryside while the forces still at the camp, but serious fear among the civilians from a war could break out in their areas, especially after the recent evaporating Turkish army bombardment against YPG positions in Meranaaz, Birsaya mountain, Qatma and Qastal Jando villages in Sheran area, NSO reporter observed some Efrin residents opinions’ on possible Turkish military operation in their city.

Journalist Aurifan Dada told NSO: Qatma considered the most dangerous area in Efrin countryside because it is constantly bombed by Turkish army and armed opposition groups in Azaz city, we had to leave the village many times and when the bombardment decrease we come back, months passed and we are like this and the residents of the border villages and villages near frontlines between armed opposition and “People’s Protection Units YPG” who suffer most from loses.

About a possible Turkish military operation in Efrin Aurifan said that it is not easy for any alien military force to enter the city because YPG are read and will resist any attempt to attack the city, Aurifan add: it is possible that YPG could turn tables and advance against attacking forces, but civilians who will suffer most from this attack if it happened, so we hope the global powers to intervene to stop any possible attack on Efrin.

In his turn Khalil Sheikho a political activist from Efrin told NSO: I don’t think Turks are able to enter Efrin city and open a road toward Idlib, not thinking of this because it is week, but because there is no international cover for those intensions, on the other side I think Turkey will intensify its bombardment on the border area and probably will seek to capture Tal Rifaat, Shiekh Eissa and Manegh.

Khalil considered this is the ear where YPG should know its allies better especially Russians and USA which are considered most important YPG backers.

On his side the member of the central committee of the “Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria” Abdulrahman Abo said Efrin city was sided since the beginning of the Syrian crisis from the implications of armed conflict to serve agendas connected and connecting to conflict sides in the past, present and future.

Abo added: I think Efrin will be the “reserve tank” of all conflicts sides including the national Kurdish project carried out by the Kurdish national Council until the end of the current chaos, I think there will be small clashes like now but not a direct Turkish intervention in Efrin.

Abo thinks now the rules of dealing should be changed and moving toward the “Kurdish-Kurdish” side and joining the national Kurdish and Kurdistani project led by President Masoud Barzani, especially because now the international decision is prevailing and the conflict tools which was used in the chaos era will be ended.

Political activist Azad Othman had differ, he sees Turks and armed opposition groups have two goals, one is taking back the “Arabic areas” which YPG captured in Aleppo northern countryside like Tal Rifaat, Sheikh Eissa and Mannegh, second is pushing to the expulsion of PKK foreign fighters who came from Qandil mountains and this is according to a “Turkish-American and Turkish-Russian deal” and Turks enter Efrin could be the cost of possible Turkish operation in Idlib to end Nusra Front, and if these deals happened it will lead to the expulsion of “Democratic Union Party PYD” completely from Efrin.

Othman added: we as activists and intellectuals of Efrin city appealed through a statement to YPG fighters to leave the Arab villages of Aleppo northern countryside and expulsion of PKK commanders from Efrin and giving Efrin locals the opportunity to manage and protect their city.

Yesterday Efrin witnessed massive march where thousands of city and its suburbs residents condemned the Turkish shelling on some Efrin villages and refused any possible Turkish military operation in the city and its countryside.

Dirar Khattab

The Chief Editor, A Syrian journalist who worked as an editor of electronic press since 2009, and a Co-Producer of several documentaries since 2014. A banking and finance faculty from Aleppo University.