“Arab al-Ghomur” civilians attack forced recruitment campaign with rocks near al-Qamishli

Asaysih forces patrol

On Tuesday, civilians from “Heimo” area in west Qamishli faced forced recruitment campaign launched by Self-Autonomous “defense commission” military police with rocks and refused to allow taking their sons to training camps.

NSO reporter in Qamishli said PYD Military police patrol entered “Heimo” area 7km west Qamishli on 10pm to take young men from “Arab al-Ghomur” to forced recruitment which what PYD authority called “Self Defense Duty”.

NSO reporter quoted one of the village residents: that residents took weapons from Military Police members and refused to hand over their sons to the patrol and threw rocks on it, then a brawl between the young men families and pro-PYD broke up which led to injuries among both sides.

In previous years PYD excluded “Arab al-Ghomur” from forced recruitment but few weeks ago it unofficially decided to recruit their young men and sending them to frontlines.

“Arab al-Ghomur” are Arabs who their areas and villages flooded with Euphrates river water during building Euphrates Dam in Raqqa province during 70s and Syrian authorities moved them to areas in Syrian Al-Jazire “al-Hasakah province” and gave them lands there which angered Kurds and they considered it a project against their existence in that area.

Nowruz Agha