Civilians casualties in Turkish bombardment on a village in Aleppo northern countryside

YPG-held Efrin city entrance in Aleppo northern countryside

On Tuesday dawn, 3 civilians were killed and 4 injured in Turkish army shelling from its positions on Turkish-Syrian border targeted YPG-held Kafer Antoan village in Azaz countryside in north Aleppo.

NSO reporter in Efrin said 40 years old Ghazale al-Youssef and her son Mowayie 13 years old and Tabarek 10 years old all were killed in shelling, while 4 other members of the same family were injured and they are: Khansaa al-Yousef 18 years old, Randa 23 years old, Fidaa 19 years old and Aya 16 years old and were taken to “Averin” hospital in Efrin city.

Yesterday clashes erupted between armed opposition groups with Turkish army and YPG one the other side, both used artillery shelling led to 4 injuries in Jalil village in Shyrawa district in Efrin countryside

Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.