US Ex-YPG fighter:YPG commanders are obsessed with propaganda and one of them refused treating Arab civilians in Manbij

Patrick Ryan Kasprik

Patrick Ryan Kasprik an US ex-YPG shared on his Facebook profile a post talking about YPG arrest him and criticizing YPG for dealing with injured civilians on an ethnic bases and its obsession with propaganda.

Patrick was a volunteer fighter with foreign-majority “Tactical Medical Unit TMU” who treated wounded YPG and other affiliated armed groups fighters on the frontlines, the units was disbanded lately which pushed him to leave YPG and stop fighting with them.

Patrick started his post in a satire” The next time a heval you were close to, or a foreign fighter does from a survivable wound, you can thank the YPG for shutting down the TMU”

Patrick continued “I was arrested by the YPG on October 11th, of 2016 because YPG commander named Janşer wanted to shut us down and I pretty violently protested. Hence being removed from command and arrested, effectively ending my tenure in YPG (and thereafter went to serve with 060 in Şingal).”

Patrick added “This is from the same group that refused to let Heyva Sor a Kurdistan (an NGO) ambulances treat Arab civilians, even though they had effectively commandeered them for military use in Manbij. The same group that told American SOF we worked with in Manbij to treat Arab hevals (comrades) as lessers.

Patrick continued “The things that happened at the end of, and after the fall of Manbij disillusioned me from YPG. Being called spies for the coalition, because the TMU collected information on Manbij's medical facilities. Being told that, in total contradiction to YPG's highest commanders that established TMU, that "YPG doesn't want medicine."” 

Patrick considered disbanding TMU by YPG because” it's who'll because low-level commanders who are ignorant and don't see the larger picture that high level commanders do; however these high level commanders do nothing to intervene in the obvious circumvention of orders done by subordinates.”

Patrick said he has no intention of fighting with YPG again saying “I am proud of the work we did over there, and proud of what I accomplished in a year there, but I have no regrets calling them out for what they do and was proud then for standing up for what I (and the other guys in TMU) knew to be morally right even when it created friction for us.”

Patrick ended his post expressing his anger at YPG for “lack of concern for the well being of fighters and civilians under their stead. None of this means I suddenly hate YPG or that their the bad guys; they're just the group led by idiots with no concern for battlefield trauma care” saying they -YPG commandership- have more desire to print out gaudy yellow photos of young dead people for propaganda.

Dirar Khattab

The Chief Editor, A Syrian journalist who worked as an editor of electronic press since 2009, and a Co-Producer of several documentaries since 2014. A banking and finance faculty from Aleppo University.