YPG allies in Syria hand 50 detainees to Assad regime:an ex-detainees told NSO

Special source told NSO that YPG handed over 50 men from Aleppo eastern countryside to Assad regime force after it-YPG-arrested in early May.

Source told NSO 50 local men from Khafse,Deir Hafer and Maskane in Aleppo eastern countryside were arrested by “People’s Protection Units YPG” in Manbij then handed them over to Assad forces who forcibly recruited some and kept the others but released 4 only,YPG re-arrested on 24th May 2 men are:Aziz AbdulLateef and Ibrahim Abdullah(15years old) and their charge is they told what happened to their families and relatives.


From Manbij to military intelligence branch in Aleppo

NSO reporter in Manbij met one of the released detainees-who prefer to be anonymous- and the young man told his story from being detained by YPG to hand over to regime then released.

The young man said:after 4th May midnight at 2AM YPG fighters raided my house in Manbij and handcuffed me while other patrols were arresting other young men at the same neighborhood then they put me in a van and I saw many detained men from my neighborhhod.

The man continue:after 4 days of detaining without investigation or torture on the 8th May gunmen blindfolded me and put me with other detainees in cars who drove us for about 30 minutes then they unfold the blindfolds and I realized we are in Aryime area and I saw regime flag over a building when I realized I was in regime hands.
Al-Aryma is an area announced by YPG it was handed over to regime to stop Euphrates shield forces advance towed Manbij.

The young man continue:while the detainees were handed over to the regime the regime officer asked about our numbers and YPG fighters told him:they are 36 person and in the last time there were 14 so the whole number is 50” then we were transferred to Military intelligence branch in Aleppo were we were beaten and tortured especially ex-regime soldiers who defected the torture was double,some of the officers were shocked to know we were detained in Manbij, and after 14 days me and 4 others were forced to sign paper confessing we raised arms against the Syrian army then a judge released us on 21th May and we arrived at Manbij the next day,all four of us weren’t called for conscription but the regime defectors stayed there while called for conscription were sent to army without being held in the court.


Who are the detainees?

Among the detainees known:Ali Aqeel Allawi from Shyoukh area,Hamza Yahia Zwaeen from Sefira area,Walid al-Yasef from Khefse and Nashaat Abdullah and all were forcibly recruited in regime forces.

Also known:Abdullah Shiekh Obaied from Khefse,Shaker Shiekh Ahmad and Monther Shrieda and their fate is unknown after YPG handed them over to regime.

Among detainees too:Aziz Abdullatif and 15 years old Ibrahim Abdullah who were released by regime then re-arrested by YPG for telling their families and relatives what happened with them.


Manbij is open for Assad regime

Our reporter in Manbij observed discontent and fear mood among Manbij residents which was one of the first cities to revolt against Assad regime,most families are afraid their sons who are wanted by regime for participating in protests could be handed over to the regime.

Abu Mohammad a displaced residents of Khefse who live in Manbij told NSO:what happened is a systematic operation to empty Manbij from young men so who will stay here will be forced to join YPG.

An Assad regime army defector AbdulAzeez told NSO: I was living in Manbij but I left it and went to Jarablus after YPG handed over defectors to regime,they are acting like an Assad regime intelligence branch.

NSO documented cases of regime defectors live in YPG-held area were threatened by YPG to join its ranks or handed over to regime forces.

YPG-dominated SDF captured Manbij mid-August 2016 with support from US-led International Coalition.

Nezar Hmaidy

A graduate of law from Aleppo University. NSO reporter in east Aleppo countryside.