Political opponent dies in PYD court in Efrin

“Mohamad Hasan Sido” a political figure died today due to heart attack while in PYD court in Sheran district of Efrin.

NSO reporter in Efrin Said the 80 years old politician from Beilan village in Sheran district in Efrin countryside was arrested about two weeks ago by PYD Asayish allegedly for growing Hashish drug,Hasan known for being and opponent of Self-Autonomous and close to “Kurdistan Democratic Party”

“Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria” spokesperson Abdulrahman Apou in Efrin told NSO the death of politician Mohamad Hasan in PYD court in front of the party’s supporter is a shame on humanity and their democracy, Hasan was known in the village and the area and an old political figure was arrested by Asayish because he was closed to Kurdish National Council policy and his sons work in anti-PYD “Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria” ranks.

Abou added:dozens of Kurdish political prisoners are in PYD prisons in its held areas who we know nothing about them though of our appeals to human rights organization.

Hasan’s son Athad Sido wrote on his page: another victim of PYD oppression this time he’s my father who died due to humiliation he faced in front of his village and area.

Dirar Khattab

The Chief Editor, A Syrian journalist who worked as an editor of electronic press since 2009, and a Co-Producer of several documentaries since 2014. A banking and finance faculty from Aleppo University.