Who are Qandil commanders snapping Manbij behind Self-Autonomous mask?

Forced protest by PYD in Manbij condemning Turkish prisoning PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan-February 2017

PYD and its affiliated armed groups try always to promote “self-autonomous” path in front of Syrians and International community, a path where civilians manage their districts,villages and cities without any foreign person from outside the area,which what the PYD ahs been trying to promote in Manbij city in Aleppo eastern countryside through Manbij military council since ISIS withdrawal in late August.

Though a civilian council was formed in Manbij supposed to manage the city but foreign commanders from YPG still dominate many well-profit civil service while marginalizing civil council whose majority of its members are PYD members too.
NSO reporter in Manbij observed presence of many foreign YPG commanders in the city and they all come from Qandil mountain in Iraq to join YPG.

Open place for domination and looting

Ibrahim Zendan known as “Heval Ibrahim”(Heval means comrade)is a foreign commander in YPG doesn’t speak Arabic supervise the fuel trade and exporting in Manbij, he opened an office in Khataf village 2 km east the city called it “fuel and petroleum management office” and his office became a gathering area for fuel tanks going to opposition-held areas or regime-held areas and all pay taxes and fees to “Heval Ibrahim”.

His colleagues “Mahmoud al-Turki” coming from Turkey too,manage the fuel tanks going to FSA-held Jarablus and decided where the tanks should go through by “Khattaf-Yasti-alJat-altoukhar” to Jarablus and issued 1000$ fine on every tanks doesn’t pass this route paid personally to him.

According to Syrian source in YPG the two person not related to Manbij Military Council nor the Civil Council of Manbij and deal only with foreign commanders in YPG.

“Heval Ismail” also set up office to monitor customs and its mission estimate taxes and customs fees on goods entering the city and recently taxing goods the office didn’t include before like food and vegetables,while the tradesmen raise the prices according to the taxes and fees on the goods so the ordinary citizen is the one who pays the taxes and lately he was replaced by another foreign military commander called Heval Adnan.

Heval Roni who has full authority on trade and agriculture 

“Heval Roni” a foreign YPG commander appointed by himself as chairman of the trade,industry and transportation committee,issued annual taxes on farmers between 5K and 50K SYP for 1 hectare according to the crop as a condition to support them with diesel.

A “trade and agriculture committee” employee told NSO:in our work field we only receive orders from “Heval Roni”via a special interpreter because he doesn’t speak Arabic and my collagenous and I collect the taxes money from farmers in Manbij countryside.

Employee said:my colleagues and I were employees in regime agriculture ministry though he doesn’t listen to our advices on dealing with farmers and their needs,he only do what his personal interest say,Roni sold all machines in the Agriculture Bank as parts after he ordered to dissemble it and bought a car for personal use with the money, Roni also forced business owners to pay between 2500 and 100K SYP as license fee.

Roni also dismissed the civilian council by a solo decision without “legal council” opinion on 4th April,and now there is no civil council but In late March an “executive council” similar to a mini government with a quota 13 Arabic,Kurdish and Turkmen members heading 13 committees similar to ministries but the real executive management is by another foreign commander called “Ali Sheer”, and according to a source in the council no decision made by council can’t be taken without Ali Sheer approval and move between Ayn al-Arab and Qamishli.

The “civil Council of Manbij” headed by Souzdar Khaled and Farouq al-Mashi was formed in 5th April 2016 with 43 members and was the only office monitoring and managing refugees needs before “Heval Roni” dismissed it.

Odai Al-Jabrre

Editor and reporter