Assad regime warplanes kill 5 children in Aleppo eastern countryside

School targeted by Assad regime warplanes in Maskane in Aleppo eastern countryside in 2013

5 children of one family were killed and several injured on Tuesday in Assad regime airstrike on Joun al-Hamam near Maskane in Aleppo eastern countryside.

NSO reporter in Aleppo eastern countryside said 5 children were killed and civilians injured some in critical condition on Thursday night in regime airstrike on Joub al-Hamam village south Maskane,airstrikes targeted civilian houses which led to huge destruction,also villages near Jarrah airbase “Mazyoune,Ateira,al-Mezren,Wadha and al-hayet were also targeted with airstrikes but no reports on casualties.

Local source told NSO ISIS used drones to target regime forces inside Jarrah airbase lead to casualties.

Regime forces backed by foreign militia launched big offensive on last Saturday trying to capture Jarrah airbase but ISIS rebelled the attack.

Russian warplanes and Syian warplanes-who used barrel bombs-committed 3 massacres killing 37 civilians including children and women in Samoume,Rasem al-Faleh and al-Debsi in Aleppo eastern countryside.


Nezar Hmaidy

A graduate of law from Aleppo University. NSO reporter in east Aleppo countryside.