Residency and sponsorship system in PYD held areas,consitions similar to what countries require from Syrians.

displaced in Efrin

After PYD-affiliated armed groups captured Efrin and its countryside north Aleppo mid-2012,the party started forcing laws emphasize its authority inside the area and tighten against opponents and civilians in its held-areas.Among those laws the “residency offices law”in 30 July 2015 which has branches in all PYD-held areas and its main tasks is residencies in Efrin by displaced civilians or civilians from outside Efrin.

Conditions and penalties 

“residency office” require from displaced or who wants to live in Efrin to not be sick of contagious illness,full mental health and not a member or supporter of a local,regional and international terrorist group.

Above this the office require the application holder to have local sponsor from Efrin knows him personally and take his responsibility while staying in Efrin,also requires the sponsor to be from Efrin and his place fo birth from Efrin and doesn’t have criminal record and have at least 1 property inside the city and know the application holder personally or will be arrested for 1 month and fined 100K SYP if he doesn’t know him personally.

After the application holder give the “residency office”a health check,his passport,family paper and sponsorship invoice the “internal committee”start investigating for about a month and then the decision would be approval where the holder pay residency fee which is between 3000-5000 SYP then take the temporary residency card which can be extended when its end,if the application denied the person have one month to leave the city and if he didn’t he will be arrested and fined 50K SYP to the “residency office”

Moody-decision about sponsorships 

One of the application holders in Efrin is 60 years old from Kalase neighborhood in Aleppo told NSO: after the intense bombardment on Aleppo in 2016 my wife and daughter went to the countryside and I decided to go to Efrin to rent a house and live there but I was shocked to see what authorities in Efrin require papers and condition to live there and it wasn’t easy.

The man continure:they asked for local sponsor and I came back with one of my local friends and filed for the residency but several days later the application was denied under the pretext of family members fighting with FSA in Aleppo and they told me they don’t host people who support “terrorist organizations”which is the same accusation we were bombed for in Aleppo by Assad regime when they said we are terrorism sympathizers and when we left for safety “self-autonmous”kicked us for the same reason.

Another civilian from Aleppo (F A) flee the city after Assad regime captured it in late 2016 told NSO:I filed for residency and I accomplished all requirements but the sponsor didn’t have a property in Efrin city and I didn’t personally knew anyone else.

In this context a local lawyer from Efrin (A H)told NSO:the condition of personal relationship between the sponsor and who wants to live in Efrin forced by PYD put limits on Efrin locals’ good deeds and make them look helpless especially the authority is by force not elected government or political party.

Source in “self-autonomous” told NSO reporter in Efrin:the resident have temporary residency for 3 months consider an examination of the person who should obliged the “internal committee” rules to not be involved in problems and participate in political activities especially PYD-opponents parties and after the person passes this period the residency extended after the local council of the area approve it.

Source adds the resident can’t leave Efrin in the first 3 months and if he left the temporary residency terminated and expelled from the city.

Civilia (F M) From Aleppo told NSO:I got the temporary residency in Efrin after I passed all requirements but I had to spend long time outside my house due to work circumstances in Anadan in Aleppo northen countryside and when local council members noted this they told Asayish who banned me from entering the city and expelled my family and forced me to pay 10k SYP as a fine for breaching residency laws and refused any appeal.

NSO reporter in the city said the city is full of illegal displaced due to PYD laws and every displaced captured without residency card fined 50k SYP and arrest who host him.

Reporter clarified who comes from outside the city for a visit has to told the Asayish the name of the host,the reason for visit and the duration then Asayish approve or refuse it.

Self-autonomous decided recently to ban Efrin and its countryside locals and YPG held areas in Aleppo northern countryside from travelling to armed opposition held areas and who breach this decision banned from entering Efrin area while the PYD allow civilians to travel freely to regime held areas without conditions.

Self administration practices are against the international law

NSO reporter met Syrian judge Ibrahim al-Hussain to comment on “Self-autonomous” laws on displaced civilians,Hussain said :if we accepted that PYD authority in its held areas is legal what they are doing with refugees and displaced if condition to live in Efrin is a violation to Human Rights Declaration.

Hussain said “self-autnomous”against refugees violate the 3rd law of Human Rights declaration which say every human have the right in freedom and safety especially who flee from war and can’t be ynder any circumstances forced to leave and sent back to areas of war endanger their lives and their families lives.

Judge Hussain said actions and laws against displaced and refugees violate the law 13 of human rights declaration which say every person have the right to move and choose his place of residence inside the state boarders.


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