YPG gunmen expel displaced civilians in Manbij and shred their residency and sponsorships

refugees camp in Manbij-Hawar agency

People’s Protection Units YPG started on Friday expelling displaced civilians in Manbij in Aleppo eastern countryside by force.

NSO reporter said YPG fighters shred residency and sponsorships which allow civilians from outside Manbij to live in and take them out of their residents and forced them to leave the city.

Reporter added YPG also expelled displaced civilians living inside the Islamic School west the city and shot in the air to scare the civilians who were trying to know why they were being kicked.

Mohamad al-Saeed a displaced from Maskane in Aleppo eastern countryside told NSO:I’ve been living in Manbij for 6 months and today YPG fighters came to kick me out of the house I rented although I have sponsorship paper allows me to live in Manbij,they shot next to me when I told them I am waiting for money from my sons in Turkey to move my belongings.

Saeed continued:they threw away my stuff outside the house on the streets and did the same with other displaced who live here,I don’t have money to move my belongings or rent a house outside Manbij.

YPG promote on media they host refugees from ISIS-held area while those displaced civilians suffer from tight situation to be forced out or forced out directly like Manbij now.

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Odai Al-Jabrre

Editor and reporter