PYD force tradesmen in Efrin to join its commission

Efrin City main entrance

PYD-affiliated “economy and trade commission”issued law forcing all wheat and olive oil merchants in Efrin and its countryside to join the congress of the commission.

NSO reporter in Efrin said PYD gunmen distributed the law on tradesmen giving them until 6 July to join the commission’s congress and threatens them with penalty for who refuse which is arrest or pay fine.
One of olive oil merchants in Efrin told NSO: the PYD trying by those decisions to share our profits by forcing taxes and contributions in this commission or others,and no one can refuse this law in fear of losing property or arrest.
Worth to mention the “Economy and Trade Commission”force tradesmen and shops owners in Efrin and its countryside to pay taxes and contributions from time to time

Law forcing wheat and oil merchants to join PYD Economy and Trade Commission



Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.