YPG gunmen committed massacre in Hasakah countryside and arrest 50 women

YPG checkpoint in Hasakah countryside-activists

4 civilians killed and 5 injured of Kherbat Shaier in Hasakah countryside and 5 YPG fighters killed in clashes following YPG raided the village searching for deserted YPG fighter.

NSO reporter in Hasakah countryside quoted local civilian (A S)said 9 civilians killed and injured after blocked YPG raid in the village of Kherbet Shaeir looking for local young man Rami al-Turki who deserted YPG conscription,source added 4 YPG fighters were also killed in clashes with residents.

Source clarified tension started when YPG fighters raided Turki’s house and when they didn’t find him they assaulted his family and shot in the air scare them to tell where he is.

Source continue:Turki was hiding in the house and when he heard what’s happening with his family he clashed with them and killed 5 fighters and injured 10,when locals heard the clashes they came to stop fighters who killed three of them including Turk’s family member then YPG fighters killed Turki after reinforcement came and drag his body in the village’s streets.

PYD Asayish surrounded the village completely and arrested about 50 women from the village then destroyed several villages and refused to rescue the injuries and killed one of them. 


Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.