Self-autonomous launch new displacement campaign against residents and displaced under the pretext of “giving the land back to the locals”

Displaced civilians in camp in Manbij countryside

PYD gunmen launched in the past few days search campaign in their held areas in Tal Abyad in Raqqa northern countryside and Manbij in Aleppo eastern countryside and gave displaced and people from other areas 1-3 days to leave the area and go back to original areas.

NSO reporter in Tal Abyad said PYD Asayish launched raid campaign in city of Tal Abyad and Ayn al-Arous and Ayn Eissa targeted dozens houses for civilians from other areas and tents hosting displaced from Homs,Aleppo countryside and Deir Ezzor and ordered them to leave “Self-Autonomous”held areas to their original areas in 72 hours threatening them of arresting and sending to Mabrokat IDP camp.

This campaign comes after “Self-autonomous”issued security law to expel every person who is not from Raqqa,Hasakah and Deir Ezzor and banning the residents of mentioned cities to live outside it except Deir Ezzor which SDF didn’t capture any of its villages to force civilians to live in it.

A displaced from Homs in Raqqa countryside named (A S)told NSO”I left my city after regime captured it and im wanted by the regime because I participated in protests against regime since the beginning,today Asayish patrol forced me sign paper to leave in 72 hours and now I don’t know where to go”

(A S)also said Asayish made him choose between signing the paper or sent to ill-fame Mabrouke camp by force,and he can’t leave the area only to Assad regime areas while crossing borders to Turkey is nearly impossible without smuggler who needs a lot of money.

In Manbij too residents say YPG-affiliated groups and spies tried to spread rumors saying displaced from ISIS-held areas are responsible for security breaches and assassinations in a preface to expel those displaced.

Mahmoud Abu Jassem a displaced from Deir Hafer lives in Hazawne neighborhood in Manbij told NSO:YPG gunmen took me with 15 young men from the neighborhood to one of their HQs,they divided us by place of birth, isolated Manbij locals from displaced and told them to tell any displaced from outside the city to leave and told the second group to sign papers to leave in 24 hours which what happened.

Another civilian from al-Bab in Aleppo eastern countryside (M SH)told NSO:YPG arrested me after they found hunting rifle in my house and gave me 48 hours to leave,they refused to let me stay in Manbij because im from al-Bab although I have a house and a shop in Manbij main market but they refused.

(M SH) added: I live in Manbij for 30 years but this didn’t allow me to stay,they literally told me only locals will stay in Manbij and you will go to Jarablus camps.
Raid and search campaign still ongoing where YPG raid civilians houses in Manbij and search it without giving a reason,and who lives there if from outside Manbij-even if he owns the house-they give him 24-48 hours to leave the city, according to “Manbij Military Council”member the YPG-affiliated “counter-terrorism units”came from Ayn al-Arab and doing this raid without even explaining it to the Council fighters.

According to our reporter more than 50K displaced live in “Self-autonmous”held-areas threatens with forced displacement because their “place of birth”registered in areas they don’t live in,while years of living and owning properties in those areas can’t help them.


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Odai Al-Jabrre

Editor and reporter