Absentee’s properties administration PYD tool to take over opponents and diaspora properties

Opponent Mohammad Allo house in Koutanly village in Bolboul subdistrict PYD using it for military purpose

PYD Self-autonomous seize more than 100 empty house according to “Absentee’s properties administration law”issued in 2015, which caused huge discontent among owners who left their houses for several reasons like fleeing battles and bad economic situation.

NSO reporter in Efrin on the Turkish borders was able to get names of houses owners confiscated by YPG in Efrin late 2012 and met some owners who all agreed they left it due to bad economic situation,unsafe situation and arbitrary laws issued by “self-autonmous”against civilians.

Reporter pointed out PYD started taking over empty houses from owners in Efrin and its countryside in early 2013 before issuing the law allowing to seize it and mentioned names of owners like:Dr.Fatih Beso house on the road between Rajo and Hobkou villages,Rashid Alloush house and his son’s villa in Eskan village with 700 olive tress farm,and in Qastal Maqdad in Bolboul subdistrict a house and car of Mahmoud Ali.

In Kafr Safra in Gendiris town our reporter gain info about confiscated property:Villa for Engineer Hussain Haj Abdo,villa for Haj Khalil Haso in the center of the village now became the village council,Waqfi Hassan house and 2000 olive trees farm,Mohammad Khelo (although his wife lives in the village at her brother’s house),Khalil Eissa house(joined PKK in Turkey for 20 years according to the reporter)Mohammad Hesso house(rented for displaced arab for 5000SYP paid to PYD)

Also PYD confiscated “Azadi party” official Mohammad Elo Abu Salah in Koutanly village after he fled YPG arrest who take his house under the pretext of working with FSA then made his house PYD HQ and depot for weapons and fuel,also Hussain Hammash house in Arnede in Efrin countryside turned it to YPG HQ.

One of the owners (prefer to be anonymous hoping to come back to his house)told NSO reporter he built his house in 2012 for 5M SYP(more than 100K $)but due to security situation in Efrin and the bad economic situation he left to Germany in 2015 then YPG confiscated the house immediately and turned it to military HQ,added he tried to contacted them many times and sent his relatives but their answer was “Who doesn’t defend his country doesn’t have a house among us”and threatened to arrest his brother who rent a house in the city if he asked for it again.

Another owner said PYD seized in 2016 2 houses and a shop in a village in Efrin saying he left the village in 2015 after being called for conscription so they considered him “traitor” and seized his properties,saying PYD kill,arrest and confiscate properties of civilians under the pretext of defending them.

NSO reporter pointed out dozens of other houses PYD and its affiliated groups seized in Efrin and its countryside owners were able to retook after going back to their villages and paying different amount of money.

So called “Jazeera canton legislative council”issued the “Absentee’s properties administration law”in 2015 which allowed the self-autonomous to seize any empty house,then it seized dozens of houses in Qamishli,Ras al-Ayn,Tal Temr,Maabade,Qahtanyie,Tel Barrak,Tal Hmeis and Shaddadi and affected badly the Assyrians who majority left Syria.

Worth to mention PYD the Syrian wing of PKK announced in 2014 the “self-autonomous”to manage the areas under its control and the “self-autonmous”has its own administrations and laws such as “Absentee’s properties administration law”and formed committees to count and check houses left by residents to seize it.


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