Self-Autonomous and drugs dealing, war on it in front of cameras but controlling it behind curtains

PYD Asayish media office kept announcing capturing drugs smugglers or destroying drugs to show it is eager to end drugs smuggling in PYD-held areas, but checking behind cases connected to drugs dealing in those areas show the opposite and PYD-affiliated groups trying to control drugs dealing.

The only drugs dealers

NSO reporter in Manbij in Aleppo eastern countryside met drugs dealer in north Syria known as “al-Doboush”who was arrested by Asayish for 20 days in Manbij and was tortured by them for refusing to buy drugs only from them.

According to Doboush the offer is to buy Captagon and Hashish from Self-Autonomous officials only who imported it from Ayn al-Arab(Kobane)or confiscated deals with prices they choose,this offer was offered to tobacco dealers who didn’t involve in drugs before and who refused it was arrested for false accusations.

Doboush continued: I refused the offer because they would turn against me in any moment so they accused me of working with FSA against YPG\SDF but they released me after they weren’t able to connect me to anything and I left Manbij to Azaz.

Drugs addicts jailed but dealers set up deals with Asayish

Asayish commanders set up deals inside jailed with arrested drugs dealers who released after the deal while drugs addicts jailed for months and see how dealers released after few days only.

Bassam Mohammad spent month and half in self-autonomous prison for smoking Hashish cigarette told NSO: I spent 45 days in prison for smoking Hashish and I saw many drugs dealers who I know released after few days,I met a dealer who I bought from him and he was captured with 2000captagon pills and 1kg Hashish but spent 2days in prison then released.

Mohammad continue: after I was released I asked the dealer why he was released and he answered the Asayish commander who arrested him is who supply him with drugs.

Asayish fighters don’t know where the confiscated drugs go

NSO reporter quoted Asayish fighter saying they confiscated more than 20K captagon pills and 7kg of hashish in April only after information comes from informers,and he said majority of captagon users released early but Hashish spend more time because it’s dangerous to the community according to him.

He said the confiscated drugs handed to crimes force which write report and about it to the investigation office then we don’t know where the drugs go.

Manbij witnessed expansion in drug using following YPG capture it in middle 2016 which what self-autonomous try to control and monopoly not knowing how dangerous this against community.