Conflicted reports on the death of foreign YPG commander

YPG commander Merdali Süleymanov

“People’s Protection Units YPG”general command announced in a statement on Monday the death of a commander in its ranks in al-Hasakah city.

Statements said “Martyr Geia Ros died on 23th April in a car accident in Al-Jazira canton” statement mentioned the nationality of “Ros” from Kazakhistan and his name is “Merdali Süleymanov” 

Activists on social media shared the news of his death but said he was killed in YPG clashes against ISIS in Raqqa fronts.

According to a source in YPG Suleymanov was training fighters on heavy machine guns and participating in majority of YPG battles against ISIS 


Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.