YPG ban internet on Raqqa displacement and force them to live in camps

Al-Manakher camp in Raqqa countryside

YPG and its affiliated armed groups ban internet on residents of Raqqa eastern countryside in their displacement areas on the northern bank of Euphrates river “al-Jazira” and near “al-Manakher” north al-Karama subdistrict.

NSO reporter in Raqqa countryside said YPG ban residents from using satellite internet completely and confiscated all devices in internet cafes in its held areas, Asayish also banned residents from setting up internet devices inside camps where there is no mobile coverage so residents in camps can’t use internet via cellphones.

Abu Khaled a resident from the area said SDF besieging residents and ban them from leaving the camp and going back to their villages except some special cases after intermediaries from tribal leaders close to the “Self-Autonomous”.

Abu Khaled who was able to leave the camp and go to Tal Abyad continued “all residents there don’t know what’s happening outside the camp, and they can’t talk to their families and relatives outside the camp,it is like detention there”.

He said: residents protested several times in the camp demanding to go back to their villages but SDF do random shooting and claim it is ISIS ambush but residents believe it is fake clashes.

Abu Khaled ends saying he received more than 100 voice message and chat on WhatsApp from residents outside Raqqa but have relatives inside camps so he will deliver it to the residents who have been without internet or any communication for more than a month.

SDF captured Raqqa eastern countryside earlier this month after clashes with ISIS who retreated under Coalition bombardment in the 4th phase“Wrath of the Euphrates” offensive to capture Raqqa and its countryside.

Obada Al-Hussien

A journalist works in audio and written editorial. He writes for several electronic and paper-based Arabic newspapers and magazines.