Teenager arrested and forcibly recruited by YPG killed in Deir Ezzor countryside

The murdered Ahmad Haran al-Motawab

People’s Protection Units “YPG” mourned the death of one of its fighters from al-Shaddadi city in al-Hasakah countryside called Ahmad Harran al-Motawab 16 years old to al-Dawoudyie cemetery for PYD fighters west al-Hasakah.

Murderer’s relative called (H.M) told NSO that YPG told the family of the teenager he was killed in al-Jazre front battles in western Deir Ezzor countryside against ISIS which shocked his family because they never knew he was fighting with YPG.

The relative clarified the teenager went missing month and half ago after he decided to flee to Turkey running from YPG forced recruitment and several days later his family knew he was arrested on YPG checkpoint on his way to Jarablus and they were shocked to know he was forcibly recruited in YPG.

NSO reporter in al-Hasakah said the teenager’s father asked YPG authority to transfer his son body to al-Shaddadi cemetery but they reused and threatens the father he will be banned from “martyrs’ family rights” if he transferred the body from YPG cemetery.

YPG conduct forcible recruitment in its areas for males between 18 and 30 years old but dozens of forcible recruitment for teenagers and children in YPG ranks.

Fadel Alkheder

A journalist from Hassaka city, a holder of BA in history and NSO reporter in Hassaka countryside.