Ghweiran residents protest against curriculum imposed by PYD

Ghwieran residents in Haskah protest against new curriculum imposed by PYD

On Friday, “Democratic Union Party PYD” gunmen broke out a demonstration in Ghweiran neighborhood in Haskah city calling for the release of teachers and school’s staff arrested by PYD for refusing curriculum imposed by PYD in its held areas.

NSO reporter in Haskah said PYD gunmen arrested today 20 teachers and school managers for refusing curriculum imposed by PYD in schools in its held area and calling to use the old one, following this Ghwieran residents protested against the “ideologicalized curriculum” according to them and demanded the release of teachers who were arrested.

According to NSO reporter PYD gunmen arrested the teachers after closing Ghwieran neighborhood with military checkpoints who banned entering or leaving the neighborhood, when the protest started they shot up in the air while some gunmen attacked the protesters.

According to local news pages on Facebook PYD gunmen released the manager of “Martyr Naim al-Laji” middle school “Tareq Ibrahim”, Shafeeq Abdulrahman al-Sa’yo the manager of “Martyr Hammoud Balikh al-Abdullah school” and Khalil Awad Hamad a teacher in “Fatima al-Zahraa school”.

Residents justify refusing PYD curriculum because it “ideologies kids” and contain huge history forgery and more than this that the certificates the students will have won’t be recognized by any teaching institution outside PYD areas.

“Democratic Union Party PYD” imposed new curriculum in elementary and high schools by self-Autonomous “education Committee” in north Syria.

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Nimr al-Shemari

 from al-Qamishli graduated from Damascus University faculty of journalism