PYD detained an old man as a hostage after his son fled conscription in Amude

YPG fighters

On Thursday, YPG Military Police raided al-Jawharyie village in Amude in Hasakah countryside and arrested 65 years old man.

NSO reporter in Amude said the military police raided the village 3 times on Thursday looking for a young man called Deirsim Zoubair Haj Sinan 25 years old who fled from military police center after he was detained there for 2 weeks before being sent to forced recruitment camp.

Reporter said the military police arrested Deirsim’s father “Zoubair Haj Sinan” 65 years old and took him to military police HQ in Amude where he’s still detained as hostage until his son turns himself in.

Military police used the same tactic in arresting the fathers of young men who fled forced conscription in villages and town in Efrin where it raided al-Haydaryie village many times and arrested at least 5 old men after their sons fled forced conscription.

Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.