PYD release elderlis they were arrested as hostages

PYD Counter-terrorism fighters-Asayish media office

In the past two days PYD gunmen released elderlies from al-Haydaryie (Altanya) village in Efrin countryside north Aleppo they were arrested earlier this month.

NSO reporter in Efrin said PYD gunmen released all elderly detainees from Altanya village and they are Bashher Mourad Saleh 75 years old, Hamid Mourad Saleh 65 years old, Kamal Jaafer 50 years old, Husain Haji 60 years old while Idris Aref 40 years old still detained and a source from the village said Idris could be sent to forcible recruitment.

Our reporter said dozen men and young men from the village still fleeing the forcible recruitment among them: Abdin Mohamad Saleh 25 years old, Nouri Mohamad Saleh 35 years old, Mohamad Omar Saleh 31 years old, Othman Omar Haydar Saleh 37 years old, Jala Omar Ahmo 33 years old, Loqman Rasheed Haydar 32 years old, Mohamad Rasheed Haydar 38 years old and Mohamad Omar Ahmo 37 years old.

Meanwhile PYD gunmen patrols still roaming the village to look for who fled forcible recruitment or waiting for them to go back to their houses, before they threatened to arrest women if the young men didn’t turn themselves in but so far no case of arresting women were observed.

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Nigervan Muhammed

A journalist from Efrin city. He studied media in Damascus University.